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When and where is the Summer 2018 program?
Startup Launch is a proven evidence-based startup accelerator program.  This summer, Startup Launch will be offered to help full-time, early-stage founders take their ideas rapidly through a defined startup-modeling process. Successful teams will precisely articulate their problem and components of their solution, test them with customers, discard, change and build an evidence-based startup business model that can operate at scale. 

Teams will receive shared office space, high-speed internet, training, and caffeine during the term of the program. Startup Launch teams will also be invited to attend community dinners and guest speaker events at no cost.

This is an in-residence program that requires founders to be working on their startups full-time. The Startup Launch program is located in a new startup facility in the heart of Avondale Estates, Georgia. .

The program is funded and supported by ADG Ventures and the Institute for Accelerated Momentum. 

Program Requirements

We are seeking full-time teams. All team members will be required to attend on a weekly basis: a two-hour workshop, present a weekly team update, attend a thirty-minute progress meeting (with the instructors) and complete in-person, documented customer interviews.

This is a highly-interactive program that requires substantial time outside the office interacting with potential buyers/users each week.. 

What you will learn

Topics covered during the evidence-based Startup Launch Now program include:

  • Startup Business Model Canvas (SBMC) to describe, test and refine a business
  • Uncover, refine and confirm buyer/user problems that lead to solutions
  • Learn proven evidence-based tools to test and refine your assumptions with buyer/users
  • Define and explore your early adopters (buyers/users) using micro-interactions
  • Find the buyer/user behavior triggers that reliably signal demand
  • Create, deliver and test micro-offers with buyers/users to reveal demand
  • When and how to apply micro-innovations to adjust your startup business model 
  • Recognize and utilize useful startup metrics to show traction in your business model
  • Discover, define and test key words to amplify buyer/user interaction
  • Create an effective early-stage company presentation for Demo Day

Mentors from the Atlanta startup community will be invited to attend the program and help the teams during portions of the program.  A Demo Day event will be held at the completion of the program. Successful teams will be invited to present their startups to the Atlanta community.

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Applications open in May, 2018

Startup Launch Accelerator

127 Center Street, Avondale Estates, Georgia 30002, United States